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Kickstarter Distribution, Minor Errata
We made several minor updates and one general update before we distributed PDFs for our most recent Kickstarter. General Update We have changed the name of the...
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Less than 12 hours to support the Backwater TTRPG Expansion!
Backroads: An American-gothic Horror TTTRPG Welcome to St. Louis, the City of the Arch. Beyond Backwater and the border of the American Lands lies the City of t...
Minor Errata
Updated Clothes table in 1.09 to account for credit equal to 5 or below: "Credit <9 | Worn" Formalized language for gear categorized as accessories: Accessories...
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GM Tracking Sheet Update
GM-Tracking Sheet Update The GM Tracking sheet now includes a fixed tab order and a second page for NPCs and threats/monsters. This sheet is designed to fit on...
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GM Tracking Sheet
Addition of GM Tracking Sheets (4/06/22) What are GM Tracking Sheets? GM Tracking Sheets are to assist GMs in tracking turn order, Vigilance scores (for traps)...
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Minor Errata and Clarifications (3/31-4/1/22)
Over the past two days we cleaned up a few typos that we identified in the book. We also replaced a few instances of "wardens" in rules that should use the broa...
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Errata and Clarifications Size. Characters with a BLD goal score of 20 or less take up a 5 ft square on a tactical battle map. Characters with a BLD goal score...
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Minor Updates to Core Rulebook
Clarified the Unconscious rules Clarified that Health and Resolve rolls are not Attribute Rolls...
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Just looked at my downloads. "Core Rulebook_Pages.pdf" shows me two pages at a time & "Core Rulebook_Spread.pdf" shows m...
started by sonofthe Sep 16, 2022
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