Errata and Clarifications

Size. Characters with a BLD goal score of 20 or less take up a 5 ft square on a tactical battle map. Characters with a BLD goal score greater than 20 take up a 10 ft square.

Sprint while Climbing. To sprint while climbing, the character must succeed a Stunt roll (DG 13) as an action rather than a blitz action.

Sprint while Swimming. To sprint while swimming, the character must succeed a Stunt roll (DG 13) as an action rather than a blitz action.

Defend. A character can use the defend action to help them evade an attack. When a Melee or Ranged attack hits them, they can choose to make a REF roll instead so that the attack is made against the result of the REF roll. They can do this once before their next action turn-phase, and they must make this roll before the GM declares damage.

Pedigree and Mutations.

Beyond the average animal companion, wardens can also find pedigreed and mutated companions. Pedigreed companions come with an official list of ancestry, have many desirable qualities, and have no mutations. They are a sign of class, status, and worth. If bought as an adult, they are well-trained and know up to two advanced commands of the warden’s choice, such as to scout a perimeter or stand guard. Pedigreed companions cost 10% more than the average animal companion.

Most companions that a warden can find for sale have a mutation. A random desirable mutation (i.e. a companion mutation or stat-adjusting mutation that increases the companion’s difficulty level) increases the companion’s cost by 10%. A random undesirable mutation (i.e. a stat-adjusting mutation that decreases the companion’s difficulty level)  decreases the companion’s cost by 10%. See "Companion Mutations" below or 5.02 “Stat-Adjusting Mutations” for random tables. If a warden selects a desirable mutation for their companion, its cost increases by 20% instead or 10% if paired with a random undesirable mutation.

Companion Mutations Table.

1. Cellular Regeneration

2. Extra Head

3. Extra Limbs

4. Immense

5. Improved Senses

6. Little


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