Minor Errata and Clarifications (3/31-4/1/22)

Over the past two days we cleaned up a few typos that we identified in the book. We also replaced a few instances of "wardens" in rules that should use the broader term "characters."

Added Note to 1.03 Determine Attributes:

We added the following note to emphasize the distinction between Attributes as goal scores v modifiers. It also emphasizes the answer to another frequently asked question: which skill is used for sensing deceit? The Assess skill . See 3.02 "Assess (WIS)."

Nice. When Can I Start Rolling Dice!? Hold your horses, partner. You usually use attributes as goal scores. You will make attribute rolls only in reaction to traps, hazards, and special abilities. Most of your rolls will be skill rolls, like Search (to find stuff), Stunt (to muscle stuff), and Assess (to sense deceit). You pick your skills later!

Added Note to 3.03 VIG ORDER AND COMBAT:

We added the following note to address a common error in gameplay. It's easy to accidentally run the game with combat rules similar to those in the most recent edition of the dragon game. Honestly, we're okay with that. Do your thing, especially if it helps with theater of the mind or with beginners. Rules are meant to be broken! 

Overall, we prefer the original two-phased turn orders (which you can find in other ttrpgs as well). After players become more familiar with this setup, turns can move more quickly. Movement gets more attention. It can simulate synchronous action more closely. It has a very different dynamic, and requires new (if not more complex) strategizing.

Want to Simplify VIG Order?

Want to Simplify VIG Order? GMs can combine the movement turn-phase and action turn-phase into one turn-phase. In this hybrid turn-phase, characters can move and take either one action and one blitz action or two blitz actions. They also can speak and take as many free moves and free actions as can reasonably fit into five seconds.


Core Rulebook (PDF, Spread View) 16 MB
Apr 01, 2022
Core Rulebook (PDF, Pages View) 16 MB
Apr 01, 2022

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