Kickstarter Distribution, Minor Errata

We made several minor updates and one general update before we distributed PDFs for our most recent Kickstarter.

General Update

  • We have changed the name of the game system, which used to be synonymous with the Backwater: Southern Gothic Horror TTRPG. It is now called Backbone, and we're developing a general SRD so that others can "Build with Backbone." For summary details, see pg 3. 

Minor Errata

  • We updated the Confused, Intoxicated, and Plagued conditions (pgs 92-93). They may now appear simpler and slightly easier to remember.  
  • We added two new conditions: Distressed and Ill (pg 92).
  • The Slayer's Counter: Rebut ability has been updated (pg 19).
  • Clarified the use of credit during gameplay (pg 27).
  • Standardized capitalization for actions, blitz actions, and counter actions.


Backwater Core (PDF, Spread View) 17 MB
Jun 16, 2022
Backwater Core (PDF, Pages View) 18 MB
Jun 16, 2022

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